ALL CARE FOR ALL PEOPLE regardless of ability to pay.  We accept all Medicaid, Medicare, CHIPS and private insurance plans.  Based on the Federal Poverty guidelines, we have low fees for uninsured and under-insured patients.

What sets us apart is the unique feature of free access to patient navigators. The navigator will assist patients in obtaining assistance with health care through any applicable state, federal or private programs.We will assist with any necessary paperwork for your specific situation. 

We will also help you with referrals to any required specialists and help prepare paperwork needed in obtaining free or lower cost medications. TAN patients will also have access to our 340b pharmacy which can save money on prescription medications.

We specialize in:

Primary care

Women’s Health

Management of all chronic illnesses

Limited and Episodic Pediatrics, age 15 and above (no vaccines at this time)

Nutritional Counseling

Testing, Diagnosis and Treatment for HIV/Hepatitis C

STD testing and referrals

Call today to schedule an appointment  and begin eligibility assessment 409-832-3377 ext. 264