Serving the Golden Triangle of Southeast Texas – Communities of Hardin, Jefferson, and Orange Counties

The Triangle AIDS Network, Inc. (TAN) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3), community based organization founded in response to the growing health crises of HIV/AIDS in Southeast Texas. We are located in Beaumont, Texas and serve a three county (Hardin, Jefferson and Orange) area known as the Golden Triangle.

TAN offers a variety of services and resources to its clients. In order to become a client, HIV positive individuals must first do an intake interview with a case manager. In this meeting, residency in Hardin, Jefferson or Orange counties will be verified along with medical status. One must become a client of TAN to receive medical services from the Early Intervention Virology Clinic (EIVC). It is encouraged that anyone who tests HIV positive become a client regardless of economic or health status.

This can be arranged by calling TAN at 409-832-8338.


TAN provides Free Anonymous or Confidential HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing

Testing can be done in office or for the convenience or privacy of the client at any designated place chosen by the client. You don’t have to give us your name or phone number.

The Prevention and testing center is located at 1495 N. 7th Street in Beaumont. The office is open from 9:00 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, closed 12:00 -1:00  for lunch. Walk-ins are welcome.

If you have engaged in risky behavior, the only way to tell if you have HIV is by getting the HIV antibody test. The HIV antibody test is not a test for AIDS. It tests for antibodies to the Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV. HIV is the virus that causes AIDS. If you have HIV antibodies, it means that you are infected with HIV and that you can infect others.

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Donations & Monetary Contributions

TAN is supported by federal, state, and local grant monies, as well as the generosity of local donors. These local donors are especially important to TAN because the funds from government sources have many restrictions. These local funds are available for things that clients need that are simply not covered or anticipated by grant funding.

When you make your donation, please be sure to include the names and addresses of those to whom you wish memorial contribution notifications mailed. TAN can also arrange to notify persons on your Christmas card list that you have made a contribution in their name in lieu of a Christmas card.

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STIs Often Have No Symptoms

Many youth do not know they’re infected because STIs often have no symptoms. Many infections are never even diagnosed and reported. In fact, among youth ages 15 to 24, 200,000 cases of gonorrhea are diagnosed and reported, while the estimated total number of new infections is 570,000. One million cases of chlamydia are diagnosed and reported among youth ages 15 to 24, while the estimated total number of new infections among this population is 1.8 million.

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